Marina Moustaka is a professional Speech and Language Pathologist since 2016 when she completed her bachelor’s degree at the Technological Institute of Western Greece. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in Developmental Communication Disorders at the Cyprus University of Technology.

After her undergraduate studies, she has been working as a clinician specialised in the assessment and intervention of children with a range of communication, speech, language and cognition disabilities in Greece and Cyprus. She has been trained in several approaches such as, for example, Intensive Interaction, MAKATON, and Oral Placement Therapy.

Her research interests lie in the early intervention and the development of speech and language of bilingual children and children with Developmental Language Disorder. At present, she is writing her master’s thesis and collaborates with Dr. Antoniou and Prof. Petinou as part of research that examines the effects of multilingualism and bidialectalism on cognitive functioning.